1. The basic condition for accepting pets is to notify the Guest's arrival with a pet at the time of booking. This is a necessity due to the limited number of rooms designated for the stay of animals.
2. Without prior notice of accompanying pets, we may not provide a free room and refuse to allow the pet to stay.
3. Only pets are allowed in the hotel. The hotel may refuse to accept animals commonly considered dangerous or aggressive, as well as rodents, reptiles and arachnids.
4. The stay of an animal is conditional on the possession of its health booklet with current vaccinations including against rabies and deworming, as well as its presentation for inspection at the request of the staff.
5. Taking care of safety, the animal should have a leash, collar, muzzle, cage - depending on the species.
6. Animals are allowed in the hotel only in designated areas, in particular, it is forbidden to bring animals to the Wellness & SPA area , restaurant and children's play area.
7. At the restaurant there is a separate area with tables where the guest, accompanied by their pet, can eat a meal.


1. The fee for a pet is 60 zl per day.
2. This fee includes the rental of basic accessories for the duration of your stay: a water/food bowl, a dog bed and a towel useful after a wet walk, as well as a list of the nearest veterinary surgeries, groomers, and pet stores, and a link to the "With your dog around Krakow" website where you can find useful information.
3. We have prepared selected accessories on site for sale, e.g.: poop bags, snacks/chews, litter box litter, tick removal tweezers and selected types of food sachets, etc.


1. A pet staying on the hotel premises must not disturb other guests staying on the premises. Please make sure that your pet does not make noise, especially at night.
2. In case of repeated complaints from other guests, we reserve the right to remove the animal from the facility at the expense of its owner/guardian.
3. In the event that the Hotel staff has a reasonable suspicion that an animal left in the room disturbs the peace, damages hotel property, or may cause situations of danger to themselves and other guests, the Hotel Management will try to contact the owner/guardian to resolve the problem.
4. If contact is not possible, the hotel reserves the right for the staff to enter the guest's room also with the possible help of the relevant services and remove the animal from the hotel, and all costs resulting from the above actions are paid by the owner of the animal.


1. The owner/guardian of the animal is responsible for the cleanliness after the animal, both in the room, public areas and in the area surrounding the hotel. Please clean up after your pet.
2. Cat owners must have a litter box with litter and empty it daily into a plastic bag, which they will then drop into a container designated by staff.
3. Cleaning of the room where the pet is staying is done only when the owner/guardian is present. Please contact the front desk to arrange a cleaning time.
4. Animals should be combed outside the hotel, such as on the green grass of the boulevards.


1. The owner/guardian is responsible for all damage and pollution caused by his/her animal and is obliged to pay all costs associated with their removal or repair.
2. The animal must remain under the supervision of the owner/guardian at all times while on the premises.
3. Dogs outside the room must be walked on a leash and muzzled or in a carrier under the care of an adult owner/guardian.
4. The owner/guardian of an animal has a duty to take care of its health and well-being in a place foreign to the animal.
5. In matters of liability of the owner/guardian for the owned animal and the damage caused by it, the provisions of Polish law, including the Civil Code and the Law on Animal Protection apply.