"Duszę się miewa"   (We have a soul at times) 



The nature of humanity is sometimes more untamed than we imagine. As we get closer to understanding anthropoid apes, I still wonder if the element of soul should also be attributed to them. The constant pursuit of power by humans deprives individuals of emotions, which we certainly share with other species.



Vernissage - May 1, 2024, at 5:00 PM
Exhibition open from May 1, 2024, to July 31, 2024
Movie night "Planet of the Apes":
May 9, 2024
June 19, 2024   ! The event has been canceled - a new date will be provided !


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About the artist

Nika Kuliś – born on February 7, 1995, in Bełchatów, she is a graduate of the painting department at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. The painter aims to bring the world of animals and our surroundings closer through her art. Anthropoid apes became the subject of inspiration for her diploma and further exploration of their nature. Through a profound analysis of their behavior, the artist created works depicting their greatness, diversity, and dignity. Pieces with flat, intersecting surfaces suggest the blurring of worlds, with apes entering zoological gardens where the environment they inhabit is not where they should exist. Works outside the cycle of the six anthropoid apes paintings bring closer the image, painting by painting, of the world in which they feel most comfortable. The artist does not limit herself to one medium; she often combines elements of painting, collage, and drawing in her works.

     event "We have a soul at times "

     Nika Kuliś

  Nika Kuliś


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