FACE MAPPING - Professional Analysis of face skin
No one knows your skin better than cosmetologist - make a appointment for professional consultation.
Dermalogica® spacialist will propose a treatment aimed at the core of your skin's needs and will sugest appropriate home care cosmetics.

Price: 25 PLN


MicroZone® - 30 minutes lasting, effective skin treatment, which targets pressing skin issues. We offer 3 treatments:

Flash Exfoliation

  • 0,5 h – 130 PLN

Moisture Boost

  • 0,5 h – 130 PLN

Age Repair

  • 0,5 h – 130 PLN

DERMALOGICA Face Treatment- made ‘according to the prescription’, meant for your complexion. Face Mapping technic allows skin analysis by building a map of the complexion. The effect is complemented with the help of Dermalogica therapist who is in charge of cosmetic selection. We offer 2 treatments

Moisturizing and nourishing treatment

  • 1 h – 180 PLN

Regenerating Treatment

  • 1 h – 270 PLN

AGE Smart® - treatment prepared especially for mature skin. The anti-aging effect is excellent because  it’s based on results of biotechnical research.

  • 1,5 h – 350 PLN


Extra moisturizing treatment HIALURON LIFT - Micro corpuscular treatment of hyaluronic acid. Due to Nano particles of water it is possible to transport  hyaluronic acid molecules into the deeper layers of the skin and activate their reconstruction. Slows down the aging process of the skin and makes it more flexible

  • 1 h - 250 PLN

Facial strengthening treatment SENSI LINE - Treatment for thin skin prone to turning red. Due to troxerutin and vitamin C the weakened capillaries can be sealed. Sensi Line treatment calms and nourishes the skin.

  • 1 h - 200 PLN